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Student licenses are intended for the personal use of full-time students enrolled in recognized degree programs. You will be requested via email to submit eligibilty documents. Eligibility must be established when requested by replying and attaching a copy of a current dated student identification card or a similar document such as a tuition or registration .pdf or .jpg or a student URL.

Payment for student licenses must be by student's personal credit card or a personal check with a residential address. No invoices suitable for reimbursement will be issued. Please be sure to use your academic email address on your order.

Student Licenses are for a single major version and expire twenty-four months after they are first activated. Licenses can be used interchangeably on Windows, OS-X and Linux. Student copies are available by electronic delivery only.

Apple windows*nix  Stat/Transfer Student Licenses - Cross Platform

One Year Student License  ($39.00)